What does it cost to ride an electric scooter?

What does it cost to ride an electric scooter?
Getting from A to B in the city in a relaxed and environmentally friendly way - there is a lot to be said about using an electric scooter in the future. But how much does an e-scooter cost? And how expensive is it to use? We'll give you a brief overview.

E-scooter price: Isn't that incredibly expensive?

Replacing a gasoline-powered vehicle with an e-scooter is a wish shared by many who actively want to do more for climate protection and the environment. And there is a lot to be said about it. You can cruise through the city without a guilty conscience and don't have to deal with traffic jams or the hassle of finding a parking space. The range of an unu scooter with two batteries is 100 km, and the batteries can be easily recharged at home via the socket. But what does an electric scooter cost? 
We have been offering the option to subscribe to a scooter for some time now. So you have to decide: Would you rather own an unu Scooter including battery, or would you prefer a Scooter subscription starting at 69€/month (unu Scooter Move)? Both options have their advantages - so the decision is an individual one.
The price for an unu Scooter Move in connection with the subscription program starts from 69€/ month for a 48-month subscription. The subscription price for our unu Scooter Pro starts from 99€/ month for a 48-month subscription.
The advantage: Warranty, service, and insurance are included in the price - so you save up to 650€ during the subscription period.
With every subscription (regardless of the scooter model) you are guaranteed a good battery performance! The battery will be replaced free of charge if they should be defective or their performance significantly reduced. So you don't have to worry about anything.
Do you prefer to buy your Scooter, including the battery? Then the unu Scooter Move is available for 2,999 € (2,000-watt electric motor) and the unu Scooter Pro for 3,999 € (4,000-watt electric motor).
Either way, anyone who orders their electric Scooter online will have it delivered straight to their door. Of course, it is possible to book a free test drive first to get a feel for the Scooter. These test drives are offered throughout Germany by dealers or the unu Pioneers.

E-scooter price: How expensive is it to charge the battery?

Before deciding on an e-scooter, there is always the question of the additional costs. For example: how expensive is it to charge the batteries (for the maximum range). Good news: It's cheap - even cheaper than using public transport. A full battery charge of an unu Scooter can get you as far as 50 km and costs less than 50 cents. It doesn't get any cheaper than that.

Do I have to buy my electric scooter or can it be leased?

You can also lease an unu scooter for 69€ per month. The prerequisite is that you are creditworthy - i.e. have a stable income. Then you can easily conclude the leasing contract via Lease a bike. After the contract period has expired, you can either return the scooter or buy it for the remaining amount. You can find out here which subsidies and bonuses are available for private and corporate customers.