Get to know Bao, unu pioneer in Berlin.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Berlin with Bao, your trusted advisor for unu electric scooters! Bao is eager to assist you in finding the perfect unu model that matches your unique style and needs. With her impartial guidance and expert knowledge of electric scooters, Bao will make sure that your test ride is both seamless and enjoyable. So grab your ID card, and driver's license, and let the adventure begin with Bao and unu!
How long have you been at unu, and what do you like about it / what is the most exciting thing about it?
Since April 15th, 2023
I like the variety of tasks, working with customers, and that unu is multicultural, as it should be in Berlin!
Can you give us an insight into your day as unu Store Manager? / What does a typical day with the unu scooter look like, and how do you use the unu scooter for yourself? 
My day is different every day. Sometimes I'm on the phone with (potential) customers to assemble a scooter or to clarify service issues. Of course, a big part of my job is answering questions about the scooter and presenting the product. 
Another critical aspect is ensuring our store is used to its full potential. As part of this, I have meetings with all the departments about various issues. 
I like to use the scooter as my daily companion around town. I am an absolute fan of motorized 2-wheelers. The unu scooter is next to my bike and motorcycle, but the best for the city. 
How do the test rides usually go? 
Usually, the test riders come to the shop with specific questions and curiosity. 
I always like to start the test rides with questions for the test riders to find out what they want to use the unu for. Questions such as "What do you expect from today's test ride and your appointment with me?", "What are you currently riding?" and "Why unu scooter?
Based on this, I can get a picture of what exactly is expected and, of course, react accordingly. At the same time, there is something to drink from the fridge or a coffee.
After the questions are answered, short instructions and tips on the scooter are given. 
As soon as the documents have been checked, the ride can begin.
Once the testride is done, which is usually after about 15 minutes, the riders come back smiling, asking questions, or looking around the shop.
Who usually signs up for a test drive? 
Reframe: Often, couples between the ages of 35-50.
Often males between the ages of 35-50 and accompanied.
Do the test riders have previous experience with (e)scooters?
Usually only with sharing offers, especially in Berlin.
What surprises the test riders? 
The ease and fun of riding!
What do you like best about the unu store? 
There is still a lot of work to be done, but for people from the area, it is a very good place to get everything about unu.
Also, the store is visually simple but designed with attention to detail, just like the unu scooter.
What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? 
Fun, simple and easy.
What is your most interesting experience with test riders so far?
A customer from Hanover, Germany, came to the store twice just to find the right color for her (there are all colors in the store and special editions). I find that very funny and cute in a way.
Can you give any tips and tricks on what (new) unu drivers should look out for? 
No matter what app or software, no one is perfect, and I know we are working on the kinks, but we are working on it. So download the app.

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