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Experience freedom and independence by booking a test drive with Tim as your guide on an unu. Tim describes it as flexible, practical, and beautiful. Bring your furry co-pilot too, just like one of Tim's previous customers.
How long have you been a Pioneer at unu, and what do you like about it / what is particularly exciting?
I've been with unu since May 2021, and I'm always happy to have been given the opportunity to be a Pioneer. It's the best part-time job I've had so far. On the one hand, with the scooter, I feel that I can actively contribute to the sustainable transport revolution and thus also represent values that are important to me. On the other hand, it is always fun to meet and support people in a potentially joyful purchase decision. Therefore, The test drives are almost exclusively linked to positive emotions on the customer's side (and mine, of course), making the work very enjoyable.
Can you give us an insight into your day as an unu Pioneer? / What does a typical day with the unu Scooter look like for you, and how do you use the unu Scooter for yourself? 
I use the unu mainly for shorter distances (up to about 10km), such as errands, meetings with friends, etc. It has a special place for me when doing the weekly bulk shopping, which is now much less strenuous. In the summer, I like to go out into nature, and a significant advantage for me is that the unu helps me to get to meetings or appointments more punctually, as I am faster and more flexible than with public transport. 
The organizational work as a Pioneer is mainly done on weekends (planning test drive times, contacting drivers, communicating with unu, etc.). I usually have test drive times 5-7 days a week after working hours at my main job and over the weekend.
How do your test drives typically go?
Before a test drive, I usually clean the scooter again and replace the battery if it has less than 50% battery level. I then park the unu at the agreed meeting point, with enough space to examine it from all sides. I start with a relaxed introduction, asking about the (e-)scooter experiences of the test riders and how they know the unu. Then I explain the essential functions and features of the scooter step by step. Afterward, I proceed to the test ride, ask if they would feel safe, and, depending on their experience, show them a suitable, smaller or larger lap that would be possible to ride. After the successful test drive, I clarify the most critical questions again. Booking another ride at any time is possible if test riders want to try the unu again. Even after the end of the test drive, I am happy to help with open questions. 
Who usually signs up for test drives? 
This is relatively variable, but most often, men between the ages of 25 and 40.
Have the test riders had any previous experience with (e)scooters?
About 80% have had moderate to many experiences, 20% less to none.
What is something that surprises the test drivers? 
How big the space under the seatbox is; how comfortable it is to ride an electric scooter; generally how uniquely the scooter is designed compared to others; how tech-savvy the scooter is (display, app, regular updates, etc.); how good the acceleration is; that I get to use the scooter myself ;-)
What do you like best about unu and the unu Scooter?
The feeling when riding, the ease and joy of being able to move from A to B quietly and quickly every time; how practical the scooter is (trunk size, parking everywhere, no key needed); the acceleration. How safe the driving experience is and how the scooter feels on the road; the little special features (no key required, digital display, LED lights, battery design, etc.). The design, in general. 
As an insider of your city, which places would you recommend your test riders try out the unu scooter? / Is there a particular route you recommend to your test riders or a place you like to test ride, and why?
In principle, I always ask whether the driver wants to drive a short route first (here, once around the block from the meeting point is ideal); if a longer route is desired, I say where you can try out the total acceleration and speed best, where there is not too much traffic and where you are fastest in the countryside; I also always have a cell phone holder with me, if the test driver wants to drive a particular route and be navigated.
What is your ideal route through your city? / Which places do you like to rattle off with the unu scooter the most? / At which places do you feel most connected to your city?
There is a lot: In the summer, to the vineyards in nature; when I have visitors to show the city to them; to the gym; in the direction of parks that are difficult to reach by public transport; through the 1. Bezirk, past all the beautiful buildings; in principle, I love to scooter around every neighborhood because you just see so much more than when you're on the subway or the like; in summer, it's always a dolce vita feeling when the wind blows in your face, and you're sitting on the scooter with your T-shirt on; but I feel most connected to my neighborhood, especially in the 8th and 9th districts.
What is the average feedback from test riders after trying our unu scooter? 
Almost exclusively positive, mostly exceeding expectations
Have you ever recommended family and friends to test drive or buy an unu scooter? 
Of course, unfortunately, so far, still without success.
What is your most exciting experience with test drivers so far?
It's difficult to say, but I remember an experience where a rather timid test rider asked me to go for a ride with her. Afterward, she also dared herself and thus rode a scooter for the first time, which was a great feeling for her; in general, I usually meet very open and interesting people during the test rides.
Can you give tips and tricks on what (new) unu drivers should look out for? 
First, unfold the stand and then get off the scooter, not that you accidentally activate the acceleration. Otherwise, take care of the scooter to enjoy it daily and enjoy all its benefits!

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