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You want to buy an electric scooter - and the best price? Great! We have all the information and tips on the subject for you.

Buy electric scooter: All tips and infos

Just hop on, put on your helmet and feel the freedom. There's no question about it: electric scooters are the latest trend. And for good reason: They have less of an impact on the environment than scooters with combustion engines and are perhaps the coolest form of transportation, especially in the warmer months. You want to buy an electric scooter - and want to do it affordably? Great! We have all the information for you on the topic of electric scooter costs and also tell you how to get your financial subsidy. Plus: everything you need to know about registration and maintenance, driving license, insurance and battery life.

Why buy an electric scooter? 5 good reasons
In our society, awareness of the impending climate catastrophe is growing more and more. Good thing! So it's hardly surprising that electric scooters are becoming more and more popular and have become a trendy vehicle. In addition, the prices for batteries on the market are falling steadily and the younger generations in the metropolises in particular no longer have any desire for fat cars. Particularly for shorter distances, electric scooters are the most convenient way to get from A to B. You need more reasons to buy an electric scooter? No problem!
1. Low cost Buying an electric scooter is a one-time investment. After that, you will hardly have any more costs, because you can easily charge the battery of your vehicle at the home socket or at public charging stations. There is no need to refuel.
2. Maintenance? Rare! This is also accompanied by the fact that electric scooters require very little maintenance, since high-quality electric scooters have only a few wear parts. Due to the fact that the environmentally friendly scooters have no combustion engine, the durability is higher. That is to say: here, too, only a few costs come to you.
3. Good for the environment Perhaps the most important reason to buy an electric scooter: It is currently one of the most sustainable alternatives of transportation. You don't pollute the environment with exhaust fumes, since you don't use fossil fuels. Moreover, electric scooters are also wonderfully quiet. 
4. Super compact If you want to buy an electric scooter, then get ready for less stress in traffic. Because finding a parking space and annoying traffic jams are a thing of the past. You can cruise past everyone even during rush hour and always find a suitable gap to park your scooter. 
5. It looks super stylisch Especially if you go for one of the models from unu. Because the beautiful electric scooters are already real design icons and are not dubbed "Tesla on two wheels" by the daily newspaper Der Standard for nothing. There's no cooler way to get around town.
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Buy really good electric scooters at low prices - at unu!

How much do electric scooters cost? Well. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear, because the prices for electric mobility can vary widely. As does the quality. Especially the particularly cheap models usually do not have good battery life. They are also sluggish to drive, which can be particularly exhausting in road traffic. They also wear out comparatively faster. So don't necessarily be seduced by the lowest price.

At unu you get a lot for your money. You can buy your electric scooter at a reasonable price and also configure it individually. For a fair 3.299 EUR you get our standard version (3kW) in your favorite color, individually configured and including delivery. No hidden costs, but a lot of advantages:

1. Really a lot of space Unu's electric scooters come with a large, comfortable seat for two adults. Underneath, there is enough space to store all your belongings - and to be prepared for any situation.
2. Super fast on the road Our models are particularly maneuverable and accelerate especially quickly. After all, the electric scooters from unu Motos are equipped with high-quality batteries from Bosch. In short: This scooter usually gets you to your destination faster and guaranteed stress-free than a bike, train or car ever could. 
3. Loooong range If you use two batteries with your unu e-scooter, you can ride up to 100 km - without recharging the batteries in the meantime. That means several days. Really smart: While you are braking, energy is recovered for the built-in Bosch motor - the keyword is recuperation. 
4. More economical than public transport You can travel 50 km on one battery charge. If you take current energy prices into account, that's not even 50 cents that you pay for it. So you can't get away from the spot any cheaper.
5. Always up to date If there are new functions on your unu scooter, you can update them directly via over-the-air update. It's easy with your smartphone. 
6. Easily online Buy your electric scooter from your sofa? That's possible! At unu, the entire process is digital. If you're unsure whether the electric scooter is right for you, you can conveniently book a test drive in advance - and only then make your purchase. We take care of the delivery to your door.  7. According to your (good) taste You can configure and order your unu scooter online. If you are still unsure, simply book a test drive. 

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Buying electric scooters: The most important must-knows

You have found your favorite color and can buy your electric scooter cheap from unu? Yeah! We are happy for you. Now you have to take care of administrative things like registration and insurance. We have the most important must-knows. 
Subsidy programs and electric scooter subsidy Perhaps the best news is that if you want to buy an electric scooter, some states and cities are happy to offer subsidies - thanks to special e-mobility support programs. So emission-free cruising is rewarded. These subsidies usually come from the federal government, states, municipalities, public utilities or communities. Some of them are direct subsidies or scrapping premiums for the purchase of an e-scooter - this reduces the electric scooter costs for you even further. Would you like an example? In Regensburg, you can get up to 1,000 euros back when you buy your electric scooter. We have more information for you here. 
Driving license for your electric scooter In contrast to e-scooters, you need a valid driver's license for your electric scooter, i.e. a class B or class AM driver's license.
Insurance for electric scooters: What to consider? In short: Every e-scooter that drives faster than 6 km/h under its own power requires an independent liability insurance in Germany. This is mandatory if you want to participate in public traffic with your electric scooter. Therefore, you should take care of the appropriate insurance after your purchase of your unu electric scooter. The insurance must be renewed every year.  There are many different providers on the market, who offer not only liability insurance, but also partial and fully comprehensive insurance. The price of liability insurance for your e-scooter is around 40-80 euros. What covers the liability for you everything and whether an additional partial or even fully comprehensive insurance is worthwhile for you, we have broken down once in detail in our article on insurance for electric scooters.
Electric scooter registration What makes the purchase of an electric scooter particularly attractive: You do not need an extra registration. You do not have to pay vehicle tax, which further reduces the cost of your e-scooter. But: The aforementioned liability insurance for your e-scooter is sufficient, but without valid insurance you are not allowed on the road.
Your battery life with the electric scooter Of course, it always depends on the model. The battery life of an electric scooter can be very different. Depending on whether you have set on a high-quality model. A battery from unu, for example, will take you a full 50 kilometers on one battery charge. In seven hours, a battery is already fully charged again, in less than five hours you get to 70%. 
Would you like more information about e-mobility and electric scooters? Then check out our unu blog, get inspired and find all the info you need.

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