Our unu models – which unu would you like?

You have decided on an unu e-scooter, but you still don't know exactly which model suits you best? We'll help you find the perfect model - whether it's an unu Scooter Move or unu Scooter Pro.

unu Scooter Move

Our unu Scooter Move goes "back to the roots": we focus on smooth and pure driving pleasure: no app connection, but easy keyfob to get started. The unu Scooter Move is the perfect entry-level model, whether for your daily commute to work or for leisure. With its 2 kW and the two-arm swing, it focuses on maximum riding comfort without renouncing speed.
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E-Scooter in matte Black 4KW

unu Scooter Pro

Full power: it couldn't be more lively. With 4kW, the unu Scooter Pro accelerates even faster than the unu Move. You get the full range of app support and cloud service. You can turn your unu Scooter Pro on and off with your smartphone and track your battery status. The unu Scooter Pro will take you up the next mountain without any problems, even with a passenger. Also, the battery is fully recharged within 7 hours.
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What distinguishes our unu Scooter Pro?

LCD display with minimalistic design

This minimalistic and unique design comes straight from the capital Berlin. We want you to focus on the important things, therefore it shows the most essential informations at each stage of your ride.

Connectivity at its best

The scooter is also continuously enhanced with new features via over-the-air updates. Turn your scooter off and on with the unu App and see your ride statistics, the battery status and your scooters location.

A battery that lasts

The battery of the unu Scooter Pro has the same range as the battery for the unu Scooter Move. But the battery itself is a piece of art, charges in silence and is a highlight in your living room.

What makes the unu Scooter Move stand out?

The new LED display for a futuristic design

Simple Design on Point. Here, we also concentrate on the most important features: Speed, battery status and kilometers driven. Ready to ride when you are.
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Double Swing-Arm for the full riding comfort

The Move comes with a 2kW motor and a double swing arm, which brings a smoother riding experience with zero emissions.

Convenient charging

A different design but also fully recharged within 7 hours. This can be done quickly and easily overnight – so that you can continue straight away the next morning: on all of our scooter models.