Urban mobility - our cities have a serious traffic issue

Our cities are congested with cars, no parking spaces, and poor air quality. Given the large number of new passenger car registrations worldwide, we are committed to alternative mobility concepts, such as e-scooters, to make everyday life in our major cities more environmentally friendly.
Driving through the city on an unu e-scooter is not only more enjoyable than sitting in a closed car (especially in the summer), but it is also much more flexible, quieter, and, most importantly, more environmentally friendly. And, best of all, you can always ride with a friend on the unu Scooter Pro and store your purchases in the generous storage space under the seat.

The issue: traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, and a scarcity of parking spaces

Despite congested streets, an increasing number of people are purchasing or leasing automobiles. Following a brief period of decline (between 2017 and 2019), the number of new registrations of passenger cars with combustion engines has increased again since 2020, as has the environmental impact in daily urban life. More than 69.3 million new registrations are expected worldwide in 2023.

E-scooter Advantage Number I: Always finding a parking space

First and foremost, there is the never-ending search for a parking space in the big city. Anyone who lives in Berlin, where the unu headquarters are located, understands that looking for a parking space with a car is a daily occurrence. According to a 2017 statistic, Berliners spend up to 62 hours per year looking for a parking space. However, a lack of parking spaces has become an issue in every other major German city. On the other hand, with your own unu e-scooter, you can park anywhere because the scooter takes up almost no space and you are completely flexible on the road. Stop wherever you want and park wherever you can. You save time this way and can spend it on the finer things in life, such as a good cup of coffee at your favorite café.

E-scooter Advantage Number II: No CO2 emissions

In 2020, the average CO2 emissions from a small car with a combustion engine were 1,350 kg CO2/year. Numerous environmentally friendly alternatives now solve other problems while also being a lot of fun. With an unu e-scooter, you are on the road electrically and emit no emissions. Your battery can be fully charged in 7 hours if you have access to a standard socket.

E-scooter advantage number III: Maximum flexibility

Consider yourself in Paris on your way to an important event. If you drove, you'd most likely get stuck in traffic - Parisians spend up to 138 hours per year stuck in traffic. That's nearly 6 days! In Berlin, you would have wasted at least 71 hours per year due to traffic. With an e-scooter, you can easily navigate smaller alleys and secret paths, avoiding major traffic intersections. Even if you become stuck, your scooter will not emit any other environmentally harmful greenhouse gases.
unu pro matte white scooter in Dresden

Future cities should have more e-scooters

Less polluting and more flexible modes of transportation could completely transform the image of our cities: a shift to e-mobility means better air quality and a significantly lower noise level in our cities. E-scooters, such as our unu scooters, have the potential to revolutionize urban traffic and, as a result, many other aspects of our daily urban life. Try it out by scheduling a free test ride on one of our unu scooters.
Rent an e-scooter instead of purchasing one An unu e-scooter can help you make your city more future-proof and, most importantly, more sustainable. If you don't want to buy a scooter, why not subscribe to one? Rent the unu Scooter Move for €69 per month right now (more information here).