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From A to anywhere with anyone

The unu Scooter is born from our deep experience designing mobility solutions used by thousands of unu riders in Germany and beyond. We know what moves you. It is designed with love, built for joy.

Made for two - and all your stuff.

With room for two to sit comfortably, and space for all your stuff underneath, you’ll always be prepared for anything.

Fast, fun and zero effort.

The traffic-beating agility, fast acceleration and simple controls will get you across town and back quicker than any bike, bus or car could dream of. And in style.

Drive electric. Go on and on.

Travel up to 50 km on a single charge. Double it with two batteries. That’s several days of exploring all your favorite nooks in the city. And a whole lot of commutes and errands. Without emissions, or noise.

The future is built in. And delivered over-the-air.

The unu Scooter evolves with you over time with new feature updates delivered directly over-the-air. It’s exactly how every product built for the 21st century should work.

Order online. Pick up at your doorstep.

Customize and order your unu Scooter online and we’ll deliver it ready-to-ride to your doorstep. Or book a test ride with us and take it out for a spin.

It’s all in its power

Our battery is smart, beautiful and will take you on an emission-free drive for up to 50 km on a single battery. If you’ve got bigger plans, add another battery, to double your range and your fun.

Plug it in at home.

Just set the battery in the dock and it’ll look great in the corner while it charges in complete silence.

Cheaper than public transport.

A single overnight charge will take you up to 50 km and cost you less than 50 cents. Add another battery to double it.

No cables, just convenience.

With our unique connector system, just open the seat box, drop it in and go.

Ready, when you are.

Fully charged in seven hours or, if you’ve got somewhere to be, you’re 70% done in less
than five.

Designed and engineered in Berlin.

Timeless and useful design, that evokes a sense of harmony. This idea is at the heart of the design of the new unu Scooter.
The unu Scooter is a result of a unique melding of form, function, and usability, created with the core intention of helping people navigate the complexities of moving around the city. And outmanoeuvre the urban chaos with simplicity and ease. 
Side view of white scooter's back
We started with the belief that movement is freedom, and wanted anyone who knows the joy of riding a bicycle to also experience the unrestricted freedom of traversing the city fast and clean.
Front light close-up of white scooter
Simplicity of function. Timeless in form.
To help deliver this riding experience, we work with best-in-class industry partners in Germany and beyond for the development and production of the unu Scooter.
This vision is translated to every interaction the rider has with our scooter - it is designed thoughtfully simple so everyone can enjoy riding it.

Technical details


50 km with a fully charged battery, or 100 km with two

Storage volume

45 L space for up two batteries, 2 helmets and your belongings (42 x 32 x 35 cm)


Built comfortably for two with retractable footrests and a handle

Top speed

45 km/h


Portable-Lithium Ion cells by LG


Charging dock that works at any regular power outlet

Energy recovery

A Kinetic Energy Recovery System recovers energy every time you use the brakes


An easy to handle, drive and manoeuvre 84 kg


BOSCH Brushless electric hub motor integrated in wheel Motor powers max: 3kW / 4kW
What the others are saying

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Get ready for more digital features

New features are continually being added to the scooter via over-the-air updates. In the unu App you can get insights on your scooter, batteries and rides. Download the app from the App Store for iOS, an Android app is coming soon. In the app you will get a step by step guide on how to pair it with your scooter.