Secondhand Scooter

By selling used scooters, we give our products a second chance. Our pre-owned scooters are thoroughly inspected by our team before being sold in our store at an affordable price.
We recently started selling used scooters and used batteries and chargers at lower prices in our unu store in Berlin. On the one hand, we want to extend the life of our products and reduce waste and resource consumption. It also makes our products accessible to a wide range of customers and promotes sustainable transportation options for people with limited budgets. 
​​Where do the second hand scooters come from and why does UNU sell them?  The majority of our used scooters are returns from our customers. They were ordered online, test driven and then returned to us. Most of these scooters have been ridden less than 100 kilometers. 
Our service team in Berlin looks at each scooter, tests it and then releases it for sale. We sell every used scooter with a used battery and charger. Each of our used scooters comes with a one year warranty. 
How do I buy a used unu scooter?  Our used scooters are currently only available in our Berlin store and not online. So come by our store and check out our current selection of used scooters. Have you decided on a scooter? Then you can pay for your scooter with a credit card. We will then reserve the scooter for you, so you can apply for insurance in the meantime. Once you have the license plate, you can pick up your unu at the shop and drive it home safely.

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