Published at 12/7/2022 – Urban Traffic

Slow-moving traffic? No problem with your unu electric scooter!

If you regularly fight your way through city traffic in the mornings or after work, you certainly know slow traffic. It can be worse than traffic jams because it not only costs time and nerves but is also highly harmful to the environment. With the electric scooter, you can avoid this mishap.
Imagine sitting comfortably on your unu scooter and driving past the queues of cars without any problems. You’re surrounded by fresh air and some wind and you get to your destination faster. A nice thought, isn't it? And doable! On an electric scooter, you are not only driving around more environmentally friendly and without adding more toxic air emissions, you can also avoid any traffic jam. Of course, this is not officially permitted... It is all the more important that you drive particularly carefully and with foresight.
And: Dodging onto the cycle path is forbidden and you will be punished for doing so. So always stay on the road.

Slow traffic: There are so many traffic jams in the city

While it was unusually quiet on Germany's roads during the Corona lockdowns, studies show that traffic is increasing rapidly. The most congested section in the whole country? Part of the „Mittlerer Ring“ in Munich. Car drivers lose the equivalent of 79 hours a year when they travel between the Petuel Tunnel and Heimeranplatz. According to calculations by INRIX, this resulted in economic damage for the state capital of 388 million euros in 2021 alone. General figures: German drivers are losing more and more time in traffic jams on average - 40 hours in 2021 compared to 26 hours in 2020. Switching to an electric scooter saves a lot of time.

Other advantages of riding an electric scooter

Anyone who dashes through the city with a scooter avoids slow traffic and the annoying search for a parking space. This a widespread problem, especially in big cities. In addition, riding an e-scooter is wonderfully relaxed and pleasantly quiet. The unu scooter offers plenty of space for bags, shopping, a second battery and good company.