Published at 2/7/2016

Activation campaign unu – Where will you go?

How a Berlin start-up offers a smart way for people to connect with their city

Berlin, February 7th 2016

What dream of the city dweller is more evocative than the notion of being able to explore the metropolis in depth, to discover the latest hot spots, to be able to reach the furthest corners directly and with ease? This dream becomes reality thanks to unu.
The makers of the electrically-powered motor-scooter with portable batteries combine technological innovation with timeless aesthetics and urban flair. Journeys in the city with an unu are emissions free, environmentally sustainable and almost noiseless.
For the unu marketing team these qualities are the focus of brand and product activation campaign. “The unu is the unique individually configurable lifestyle product in the mobility sector that offers the ideal combination of a clean, fast and simple way of getting from A to B,” says Marlon Damm, Head of User Insights.
The unu electric scooter sets new standards with a sustainable and affordable mobility industry alternative to the automobile, public transport, the bicycle or a customary scooter with internal combustion engine.
“With the campaign claim and hashtag #wherewillyougo? we leave open the question of whether the journey is truly the reward, whether the destination of an unu ride is the most important,” says Anna Schwarz, Vice President Marketing and User Insights. “For many unu users that is the big difference.”
The activation campaign is to be carried via OOH, DOOH, by radio, through social media and guerrilla marketing activities. The roll-out will take place through February and March 2015 in the city that was formerly unu’s home, Munich, as well as in Berlin. “We want the classic feel of the visuals to introduce some calm in the urban environment. Often in outdoor advertising there is little ‘white space’ to be seen. But given that our product is relatively unknown we want to combine emotional visuals and eye-catcher headlines to create attention and express our youthful and modern spirit. With an information level using a white background we can set ourselves apart not only from other campaigns but also better explain our product. For us this is of great importance,” says Yasemin Ege Tulay, Head of Marketing.

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