Discover Hamburg with our e-scooter

Do you want to discover a new way to explore your city? With our electric e-scooter, you choose the fastes, silent, and most sustainable way to get from A to B. Join the unu community in Hamburg.

Discover Hamburg on an unu Electric Scooter

Hamburg is known for its cultural events, the architecturally unique Elbphilharmonie and of course the famous Hamburger Kiez. But Hamburg has one problem just like any other big city: empty parking spaces are scarce and the public transport network is often quite annoying. But an e-scooter changes everything in Hamburg! With the electric scooter unu Move or the unu Pro (you can find out which model is the right one for you here) you will always find a parking space, even on the Altona balcony and can later make a detour to the Schanze (today we will stay with Alster- alcohol free). And all this with just one battery charge - how about a test drive?

Are you ready to discover Hamburg from a new perspective?

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Why should Hamburg choose unu electric scooters?

Hamburg: Get to know our unu Pioneers

We want you to experience how commuting with an e-scooter unlocks the true potential of Hamburg. That's why we created a professional network of unu Pioneers - Stefanie and Folkertwill introduce you to unu in the Hansestadt.
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Always a garage nearby in Hamburg

With garages conveniently located at Altona, Harburg and Rahlstedt, you’ll never have to worry about scooter service in Hamburg. Enjoy a worry-free commute with an unu electric scooter as we have a vast garage network all over Germany.
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A lot of flexible payment options

You can purchase the unu scooter directly or in installments via credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or with finance a bike. But you can also choose our unu scooter subscription, including insurance and yearly inspection. It's your choice.
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