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Do you want to discover a new way to explore your city? With our electric e-scooter, you choose the fastes, silent, and most sustainable way to get from A to B. Join the unu community in Stuttgart.

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E-Scooter in Stuttgart: Discover the green sights of the city with unu

Stuttgart is well-known for its automobiles, but it is also well-known for its parks and open spaces. The latter is ideal for exploring on an e scooter, and because you don't have to seek a parking spot (our unu fits into even the tiniest space), it's even worth taking a detour to Bohnenviertel or the Stuttgart market hall. All of your purchases fit beneath the seat without requiring a large Tetris game, and we provide free test drives in Stuttgart so that you may quickly experience these electric scooter benefits for yourself. Our Pioneers are already anticipating your arrival!

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Why should you choose an unu electric scooter in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart: Get to know our unu Pioneers

Please get to know Manuel, our Pioneer, who explains everything you need to know about the unu Pro and the unu Move. He knows every corner of Stuttgart and can provide you with meaningful insight.
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A lot of flexible payment options

You can purchase the unu scooter directly or in installments via credit card, PayPal, Klarna, or with finance a bike. But you can also choose our unu scooter subscription, including insurance and yearly inspection. It's your choice.
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Always a garage nearby in Cologne

Explore Stuttgart with ease on an unu electric scooter. Our garage is conveniently located in the south of the city. Additionally, there is a big garage network throughout Germany.
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