Published at 11/24/2020

unu launches Global Moped Sharing Market Report 2020

Despite corona, the moped sharing market has grown by 58% worldwide
  • About a year ago, unu published its first very own report on the global moped sharing market. A year later, the Berlin-based e-mobility company is launching its second report, providing invaluable insights from fresh data on the international sharing market, and the effects that the corona crisis has on the moped sharing industry.
  • The report indicates: Despite COVID-19, the worldwide number of scooters used in sharing has increased by 58% since the end of 2019 - trending up from from 66,000 to 104,000. During the same period, the number of registered users also rose from 5 million to almost 9 million. The outlook for the year 2021 follows this positive growth trend, with indications that the industry should expect further growth.
  • The corona crisis has changed the urban traffic composition abruptly: Car ownership is in more demand, with people shunning public transportation. The current unu report provides useful information on how user behavior has changed with new forms of mobility such as moped sharing.

Berlin, November 26th 2020

The corona crisis has changed our mobility behavior and has resulted in major shifts in the entire transportation industry within a very short timeframe. Public transportation companies are recording large losses in ridership, while data indicates that private transportation is benefiting heavily from this crisis. This shift poses new challenges for the traffic transformation in big cities. Shared vehicles like e-mopeds, however, could emerge from the crisis as a winner. Despite COVID-19, the moped sharing market continues to grow strongly in 2020.
The report from unu examines the status quo of the global market for moped sharing in 2020 and the effects of the corona crisis on the industry. It includes comprehensive data on the entire market, the key players and the users of e-moped services, as well as recognizable developments that enable an assessment of the future prospects and the potential of the industry.
Based on a review of publicly available data and unu’s own market research, the report focuses on stakeholders, distribution, users and key trends in the industry. Major transportation trends from 22 countries are also included in this report.
The report was prepared by the Berlin unu team led by co-author Felix Jakobsen (Director of Mobility Services at unu) and lead author Enrico Howe (Research Lead at unu) who for the past seven years has specialized in the areas of shared, digital and electric mobility to drive national and international transportation projects. Prior to working with unu, Enrico created and published scooter sharing reports in 2017 and 2018 for a Berlin-based mobility research institute and now runs the industry portal
  • The worldwide number of mopeds in shared use has grown by 58% since the end of 2019. While there were 66,000 in autumn 2019, currently over 104,000 scooters are now in shared use. For comparison: In 2018, there were just under 25,000 vehicles in the shared moped category, and in 2017 there were only about 10,000 scooters.
  • In 2020 there were 122 cities worldwide that offer moped sharing (up from 88 in 2019). The number of global providers has risen from 54 to 76.
  • Only 18 of the 122 cities where moped sharing is offered are outside Europe. With operations in 26 cities Germany is the clear leader in Europe, followed by Poland (23), the Netherlands (19) and Spain (9).
  • Even though the European market is dominant (54% of deployed mopeds), the Indian (24%) and Taiwanese (15%) market are close behind. However, the Indian market is currently trending towards long-term rental.
  • Almost all mopeds outside India run with electric engines. Moped sharing electrifies urban transport.
On, a site that is specifically dedicated to insights and data on mobility services, unu publishes numerous other industry-relevant articles on market events. All dedicated data, sources and results of the report are freely accessible and can be downloaded from

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