unu Scooter Service

The unu Scooter & unu Classic: Important documents for a smooth service. On this page you will find all the documents necessary for servicing and maintaining the unu scooter, as well as FAQ-like articles which explain some technical particularities of the new unu Scooter.
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unu scooter general information/ Electronics

Short Circuit Prevention

Internal Batteries: Jump-Start Guide

Internal Batteries: Charging

Internal Batteries: Storaging the scooter


Factory Keycard

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unu scooter problems

This section deals with the most common issues on the field with the unu scooter.
Select below the problem you have. It will open a field with further information and a direct links to diagnosis steps.
Please check the above FAQ about the basic functions and logic of the unu scooter.

unu scooter error code table

Battery Error: B33 Solution

unu scooter does not start - part 1

unu scooter does not start with a full 12V-AUX-Battery - part 2

unu scooter does not recognise main batteries

unu classic problems

current unu classic issues

unu classic compatibility TWS Battery


Contact for Spare Part Order & Technical Support

Spare parts orders can be requested by telephone or in writing:
By telephone: +49 30 220 1212 99 (09:00 - 17:00)
Please use this sample and fill it in:
Brief description of defect:
optional part number/name and quantity:
optional Warranty claim: yes/no
If you have further questions that cannot be solved with the documents provided, the technical service can be contacted by the technical phone line or in writing:
By phone: +49 30 220 1212 92
If pictures or videos of the diagnosis are available, please send them directly via mail.

Backend Documents

Work Material (Downloads)

The documents in this section are necessary for performing work on unu vehicles correctly and efficiently. Material for the following vehicles exist:
unu Scooter - produced 2021-now - internal title: 2.X
[missing embedded asset]
unu Classic - produced 2014-2018 - internal title: 1.X
NOTE: The download section is regularly updated. Should you already possess one of the documents below, please also check if the version you possess is up to date. The version number indicates the release of the document's latest update (210813 = 13.08.2021).
New versions of documents will likely not contain drastically differing information, but may include new sections or corrections of minor errors.
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