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About unu

We founded unu with a simple mission: To create the best mobility solutions that connect you to your city and enable you to embrace the full potential of urban life. Learn more about this and get to know the people and partners behind unu.

The Challenge

The Pains of Urban Mobility

Our three founders Mathieu, Elias and Pascal have lived in big cities across the world and experienced our cities’ amazing potential. But they also had to painfully learn how limited city dwellers are in accessing that potential - due to the pains of urban mobility, which, at least for now, is slow, complicated, expensive and dirty.

The Solution

Mobility for Connection

We created unu with the vision of enabling everybody to access the full potential of our cities. That's why we have committed ourselves to designing and developing the best mobility solutions that connect you with your city. Our mobility solutions are meant to be affordable, fast, effortless, clean and appealing.

Product Strategy

Three Steps Towards a Better Urban Life

Three major mobility trends enable our final vision of the ideal urban vehicle: an electric, shared and autonomous car. We will realize this vision by implementing three product generations, mastering one trend per generation.

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With our first product generation, the unu Scooter Classic, we have created the first electric vehicle that is actually viable for everyone: It is affordable, easy to use and appealing.


Mobility as a Service

With the second product generation we are connecting our vehicles. This way, we transform them into platforms for mobility services – such as vehicle sharing – while also expanding into further vehicle categories.



Once autonomous driving technology becomes viable, we will integrate it into our unu Car and realize our final product vision, the ideal urban vehicle.

Our team

Nice to Meet You

Get to know the amazing people behind unu. Every day, they're making our vision come to life and working on connecting you with your city.

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Jobs at unu

Our Values

Our values are at the core of our organisation: They guide us in every single decision we make – from developing products to talking to our customers.

Collective courage
Collective courage

We are David.

In an industry of giants we must maintain a lean and agile approach, an unconditional drive and people that stick and fight together as a team to outperform and disrupt any Goliath out there.

Curious connection
Curious connection

We go deep and diverse.

We always strive to explore and embrace the diverse possibilities that the city has to offer and love building and maintaining a deep connection to people and places. Everything we do at unu seeks to enable and enhance these connections.

Simple perfection
Simple perfection

We strive to do more with less.

We see room for improvement in everything we see and touch and dislike careless, complex and unintuitive solutions. We always strive to make things better by making them simpler.

Radical authenticity
Radical authenticity

We are open-hearted, open-minded and open-handed.

We believe that urban life is too important and too big to be tackled with a ‘closed mindset’. That’s why we want to play well with others and be radically transparent and authentic in what we do and how we do it. We always throw our full selves, our passion and our personality into what we do.

Creative challengers
Creative challengers

We question everything. Including ourselves.

Our creativity is the result of relentlessly challenging how things have been done before unu and trying something new. With a foolish mind, the first questions when tackling any challenge must always be: “Why not?” and “What if?”.

Our supporters

It Takes a Village

Meet the people and organizations that are supporting and accompanying us on our journey.


Andrea Mallard
Andrea is our personal brand guru. Currently, she is the CMO of Pinterest, and previously worked as Design Director of IDEO and Chief Brand Officer of Omada Health. Andrea helped us shape the foundation of our brand identity from the very early days.
Franz Blach
As long-time Design Director at IDEO and with over 20 years experience in brand and design, Franz helps us to translate the brand into a strong design foundation across all company touch points.


We use high-quality, long-lasting LG battery cells for our battery packs to make sure they last for tens of thousands of rides through your city.
We partner with Vodafone for the connectivity technology of our upcoming products.
BOSCH supplies the electric drive technology of our products.
BOSCH Service-logo
BOSCH Service
Our unu Specialist partner BOSCH Service provides a large-scale global service station infrastructure in case your unu Scooter runs into some trouble.
PEM Motion-logo
PEM Motion
We have partnered with Germany's leading technology university PEM Motion, a spin off from leading technology university RWTH Aachen, to develop our next generation of vehicles.
In the early stages, The CDTM was one of our supporters. They helped us jump-start unu with, among other things, contacts to our first investors.


European Union-logo
European Union
The European Union helped us get off the ground through the EIT Digital organisation and paid our early salaries. This enabled us to invest into our first product, the unu Scooter Classic.
City of Berlin-logo
City of Berlin
The city of Berlin, our home base's government, supports us by investing in our team and office – that way, we can invest our available resources into constantly improving our products and services.
German Ministry of Transportation-logo
German Ministry of Transportation
The German government is heavily funding our software and IoT development of our upcoming products.
University of Munich-logo
University of Munich
The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich believed in us when we were tiny and sponsored our first office spaces until unu started to grow.
Our Production Site

Partnering for the Perfect Product

Find out more about our manufacturing partner Flex and why we chose to work with them.

High Quality

We work with Flex, the technology solutions provider for the world’s leading brands who counts Google among its clients. We chose Flex as our ideal production partner because they produce products of high quality and reliability.

Fair Conditions

At unu we care about workplace conditions, which played a huge part in choosing to work with Flex. Flex treats its staff fairly and invests in them, from strictly limited and controlled working hours and healthy work conditions to an in-house university and leisure activities.


Looking after the environment is at the center of what we do at unu and we believe that clean starts at the factory. For instance, the plant producing the unu Scooter is powered by solar energy.