The unu Scooter Classic

Starting from 2,349€

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Pay monthly.
Starting from 69€.
Delivered to your doorstep.
Ready to ride.

Save Precious Time

Make your journey from A to B not only simpler but faster: With the unu Scooter Classic you can bypass traffic and park anywhere.

No More Traffic Jams

With the unu Scooter Classic, you can skip the queue and bypass traffic, saving you precious time stuck in traffic jams.

Top speed


Max range


*with two batteries (avg. range 46km p. battery at 45km/h under Euro I driving cycle in accordance with EU 134/2014)

Park Anywhere, Anytime

No more looking for a parking spot. The unu Scooter Classic can be parked right at your destination, saving you precious time.


Charge at Any Regular Power Outlet

The unu Scooter Classic comes with a portable battery, designed to be taken out of your scooter and charged at regular power outlets.

Energy for Up to 100 km

With space for two batteries, your unu Scooter has up to 100 km range. A single battery is usually enough to get you around your city for three days without charging.

Easy to Carry

You can easily remove the battery from the scooter and carry it to wherever you want to charge it.

Charge Anywhere

You can charge your battery at any regular power outlet. It takes five hours to fully charge it – we recommend doing this overnight. In a hurry: The battery will already be charged to 70% after two hours.

We are collaborating with GRS to give your unu battery a second life when you've finished using it.
7 Years Lifetime
We use high-quality Samsung battery cells with more than 1000 charging cycles.
Made to Last
Your battery is protected by a robust black brushed aluminum casing.

Keep Your City Clean and Quiet

We're using a fully electric BOSCH engine. That way, you aren't polluting your city with your unu Scooter Classic – neither with exhaust fumes nor with engine sounds.
kg CO2 saved so far
(that’s as much as 1.670.000 trees absorb every year!)

Spend smarter

The unu Scooter Classic is the most affordable mobility option in your city thanks to our smart business model and the scooter's electric drive.



149€ saved


13€ saved


138€ saved

unu Scooter Classic

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How is unu so affordable?

Low Purchasing Price

Our pioneering business model cuts all unnecessary costs out of the traditional vehicle manufacturers' business model. That way, we can offer you the unu Scooter Classic at the same price as a petrol scooter.

Low Charging Costs

Thanks to the unu Scooter Classic's fully electric engine, riding your unu Scooter only costs 0.80€ per 100 km (based on the average German power costs).


Every Detail Counts

We put a lot of effort into the design of the unu Scooter Classic. After all, we want you to get from A to B in style.
Tech Specs

A Closer Look at the unu Scooter Classic

Inspect the small and big features we designed for the unu Scooter Classic

Energy Recovery System

During every brake, energy is fed back into battery to maximize your scooter's range


Space for two portable batteries with high-quality Samsung Li-Ion cells and range of 50km (100km with 2 batteries). Battery chargeable at any regular power outlet.

Heidenau Tyres

Tyres made in Germany with the best grip on your city's streets and in all weather conditions

BOSCH Engine

Integrated in-wheel. Three different engine powers. Maintenance free (unlike petrol engines which are prone to failures)

Tech Specs

Required driver's license
Regular European car driver's license (B) and country-specific licenses
Max Speed
45 km/h (= motor scooter 50cc scooter class)
Up to two passengers
50 km (with 1 battery)
100 km (with 2 batteries)
Energy Recovery
Extended range through recovery of braking energy
Charging Costs
~0.80€ / 100 km (based on average European electricity price)
No exhaust fumes
Virtually no sound
Super lightweight
Only 57 kg
Extremely easy to handle and drive
No Gear Shift
Just one gear
Simple to drive
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Customer Reviews

Find out what unu customers have to say about the unu Scooter Classic.
The scooter is cool and I've been able to ride comfortably even with my 1,85m. The specified reach is probably achievable, but I haven't tried to ride it up to that point yet...
Sascha R., Essen
The delivery came as planned. The scooter is of high quality. Great value for money. When contacting the customer service, you receive a quick answer by mail.
Tom N., Munich
Great scooter. Delivery was at the stated time. Had some problems during the order process which is why I had to cancel. But the friendly customer service helped out.
Niclas R. Freiburg