Learning to ride an electric scooter - do you have to go to school?

First of all, you don't need a special driver's license, the normal B is sufficient. So no driving lessons are necessary, if you have a B driver's license, you can drive the unu scooter at any time. The electric scooter is absolutely uncomplicated to drive and is also no problem for those who have never driven a scooter before. The unu scooter models are very easy to use. Here are some of the steps s:
1. Starting: 
  1. 1
    unu Scooter Pro: To switch on and activate the steering lock, hold the key card on the symbol to the left of the display until the LED first turns on. Then sit on the scooter and fold in the side stand. Once the parking mode's P on the display has been replaced by the speedometer, you're ready to drive. Brand new: You can now turn the scooter on the app. This turns your smartphone into a scooter key. 
  2. 2
    unu Scooter Move: We have made things less complicated with unu Scooter Move. Simply hold the unlock button and fold the kickstand to enter the drive mode. 
2. End your ride: 
Unfold the side stand to reactivate the parking mode for both scooters. Once this is done on your unu scooter Pro, the parking mode P replaces the speedometer on the display. 
3. Switch off the scooter: 
  1. 1
    unu Scooter Pro: To switch off the scooter, hold the key card on the symbol to the left of the display until the LED turns green. The steering lock is activated by turning the handlebars all the way to the left before using the key card.
  2. 2
    unu Scooter Move: Turn the handlebar all the way to the left and long press the lock/turn off button until you hear the locking sound on the scooter(approx. 5 sec.)
Learning to ride an electric scooter: general tips
In order to be able to enjoy the driving experience one hundred percent and, above all, safely, there are a few things that must be observed - for beginners and professionals. First of all, with unu you have to obey the traffic regulations of the country in which you are driving. It goes without saying, right? Be sure to wear a helmet when riding. Gloves and safety clothing are optional, but it definitely doesn't hurt. Of course you can take someone with you on your scooter tour, but only one other person. Always remember: You are responsible for your passengers. Always stay on the road, driving on the pavement is prohibited. In general, you should always keep in mind that you are less visible on the road than a car, so drive with foresight and always use the turn signal.
Technical Tips:
- Keep both hands on the steering wheel when braking for balance
- Brake carefully, because excessive braking can cause the wheel to lock
- Take turns carefully and pay attention to the condition of the road. Ice, grit, tram rails, etc. can be dangerous. You should be especially cautious while driving with passengers, because they should not lean into the curve, otherwise you might not be able to keep the balance.
In conclusion, riding an electric scooter like the unu is a hassle-free experience, as no special license or lessons are required. Remember to follow traffic regulations, wear a helmet, and stay on the road. Keep both hands on the steering wheel while braking and take turns carefully. Embrace eco-friendly mobility and enjoy the freedom of electric scooter commuting. Happy riding!