unu in action: business edition

Whether as an employee vehicle, to borrow on the island, or sustainably running daily errands, using an e-scooter for your business can bring many advantages. Many companies prove this every day: driving electrically on the streets of their city. 
The areas of use of the business unu scooters could not be more different than the companies themselves: from flowers to consultants to tourism. But they all have something in common: their decision to support climate-friendly mobility! 

unu x We are Flowergirls

One of them is We are Flowergirls from Vienna, who affectionately call their unu "Flower-unu" and use the unu Scooter to deliver "Dried Flower Bouquets" electrically. The environment is very close to the Flowergirls heart, which is why they decided against a combustion scooter - after all, the flowers should not smell of exhaust fumes upon delivery. 
Their studio is located in the beautiful 9th district of Vienna and can already be spotted from far away thanks to the unique design - including the unu in front of their door. And since the Flower-unu is parked in front of the Flowergirls' studio, the removable battery is an absolute must-have. In addition, the Matte Pine scooter color makes the perfect companion to the Flowergirls! 
unu scooter Bonn scooter

unu x Corporate Connect

Corporate Connect in Düsseldorf uses their unu Scooters in a completely different way: the consultancy provides them to their consultants as an employee benefit when specific goals are achieved - a great motivation! The consultants can drive to appointments more efficiently, the scooters look stylish and the scooters are always a hit with clients. Another benefit for Corporate Connect is that the logo is displayed on the scooters, making the consultancy more visible as they drive through the city. In fact, it's not just possible to have a small logo on the scooter - depending on your needs, the scooter can also be wrapped entirely with your own brand identity and in your own design. 

unu x Sylt-Tourismus

At Sylt-Tourismus, the scooters are not for the business's own use, but for the island's guests! Those who want can explore Sylt electrically on the unu scooter, e-bike or also with E-PKW – already since 2018! The big advantage of the scooter: you can also get to places that are inaccessible by car and thus find the perfect “Dühne”, which are the very special sandbanks, for a relaxing day at the beach on Sylt! The guests perceive the electric offers super well because driving with the unu Scooter is fun and does not harm the special nature of the island of Sylt. If you get close enough to the surf, you can even hear the sound of the sea while driving - a dream!

Other advantages of using an unu scooter for your business?

You can choose between various payment methods, for example, employee or company leasing with Lease a Bike. Here, you can choose from a number of different bikes or opt for an unu scooter since unu is the only scooter brand in their portfolio. Of course, you can also buy your scooter(s) directly from us. The advantage of this is that the scooters are available as a cost-effective alternative to other means of transportation. And depending on where your company is located, there are certainly one or two subsidies for e-mobility from which you can benefit! 
We are happy to discuss different options on how you can integrate unu Scooter into your business. Just fill out the form on our business page and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible to find the best solution for your company's needs. Because the solutions that an unu Scooter brings are as diverse as companies in Germany. 

Get your unu Scooter now and elevate your business to the next level!

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